Version 5

    This page provides an overview of the (potential) uses of rules within industry sectors. In answering the question "Do I need to use a rules engine?" this page may give some insight in the the uses of rules engines in various industry sectors.


    • Financial Services
      • Banking
        • Credit Decisioning
        • Fraud Detection and Analysis
          • Red Flags Rules
          • Anti-Money Laundering
      • Insurance
        • Underwriting
        • Pricing
        • Claims Fraud
      • Wealth
        • Underwriting
    • Manufacturing
      Manufacturing optimisation to accomodate production variability, interative real-time adjustments, constraint-based scheduling, sourcing and transfer rules, planning and supply chain support, process control integration.
    • Mining
    • Utilities
    • Telecommunications
      • Rating
      • Billing
    • Transport
    • Entertainment
    • Retail