Infinispan public wiki is organized into the following sections:


    User Guide

    1. What is Infinispan?
      1. Project Roadmap
      2. Public Articles on Infinispan
    2. Configuring cache
      1. Configuring cache programmatically
      2. Configuring Cache declaratively
      3. Configuration Migration Tools
    3. Using the Cache API
      1. Storing and retrieving data
      2. Listeners and Notifications
      3. Asynchronous API
      1. Eviction
        1. Configuring eviction and the eviction thread
        2. Expiration
        3. Eviction Examples
        1. Cache Loaders
          1. Configuring cache loaders
          2. Passivation
          3. Cache loaders shipped with Infinispan
          4. Write-Through And Write-Behind Caching
          1. JTA transactions
            1. Configuring your cache to work with JTA
            2. Deadlock detection
            3. Batching API
          2. Locking and Concurrency
            1. MVCC: Infinispan's concurrency model
            2. Tuning concurrency level and lock striping
            3. Explicit locking and the lock() methods
          3. Clustering modes
            1. Replication and invalidation
            2. Distribution
            3. L1 caching
          4. Local mode cache
          5. Marshalling
            1. Lazy deserialization
          6. Management tooling
            1. JMX
            2. Jopr
            3. Writing plugins for other management tools
          7. Infinispan REST server
            1. Accessing data in Infinispan via RESTful interface
          8. Using Infinispan as JPA/Hibernate Second Level Cache Provider
          9. Infinispan as a Directory for Lucene
          10. Running Infinispan on Amazon Web Services
          11. Querying Infinispan
            1. SQL-like querying of Infinispan
          12. Infinispan Custom Interceptors
          13. Configuration reference
          14. JMX attributes and operations
          15. API docs (Javadocs)

          New in Infinispan 4.1.0

          1. Grid File System based on Infinispan
          2. Client/Server modules
            1. Using Hot Rod client and server
              1. Hot Rod Protocol
            2. Using Infinispan Memcached server
              1. Using Infinispan Memcached Server
              2. Talking To Infinispan Memcached Servers From Non-Java Clients
          3. Configuration Reference
          4. JMX attributes and operations
          5. API docs (javadocs)



          Frequently Asked Questions

          OurInfinispan Frequently Asked Questions are organized into separateInfinispan Technical FAQs andInfinispan Technical FAQs FAQs. Please visit the appropriate page.

          Developing Infinispan

          Upcoming Features & Design Documents