Infrastructure Issues

Version 10

    This page lists any infrastructure issues that are currently being worked on.


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    Current Issues


    We're experiencing intermittent problems with one of our backend applications that's causing 'Service Unavailable' errors to be thrown from our Apache proxy layer. We're investigating the causes and will try to implement a fix/workaround as soon as possible.


    Planned Issues


    Outage  startOutage  endETASite(s)  affectedDescription
    2010-04-08 8:00 PM GMT

    1 hour

    Planned release - 3.6.0

    (Migration ->

    2010-04-12 8:00 PM GMT1 hour release 3.7.0 - upgrade of application used to sign and manage CLA's (Kryten 1.1.0.GA).



    Previous Issues


    Outage startOutage endETASite(s) affectedDescription
    2010-03-18 9:00 PM GMT2010-03-19 5:30 AM GMT

    Planned release - 3.5.0

    (Upgrade Clearspace 2.5.14 to SBS 4.0.5)