Version 2

    Inserts a diff between two pages.  The "Diff.jsp" places two variables into the JSP PageContext:


    • insertdiff.old - The version number of the old version.

    • - The version number of the new version.


    These have been parsed from the HTTP parameters by "Diff.jsp".


    The resulting HTML uses a few CSS styles:


    • TABLE.diff - The whole table gets this style.

    • TD.diff - Each unchanged line gets this.

    • TD.diffadd - Each added line gets this style.

    • TD.diffrem - Each removed line gets this style.











    Page name.



    <wiki:InsertDiff ></wiki:InsertDiff>


    Might result into something like this:

       <table class="diff" border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
           <tr><td class="diff">Line 16 was replaced by line 16</td></tr>
           <tr><td bgcolor=#FF9933 class="diffrem">- [Sandbox/cens7.gif]</td></tr>
           <tr><td bgcolor=#99FF99 class="diffadd">+ Foobar.</td></tr>