Version 4



    You can use $instanceof{} expressions when specify the class of a method, constructor, or field.  This is very useful when you want to specify bindings that are driven off of base classes or interfaces.


    You CANNOT use $instanceof to describe return types or parameter types yet.  We're working on that for the next release.

       <bind pointcut="execution(void $instanceof{SomeInterface}->someMethod())">
           <interceptor class="SimpleInterceptor"></interceptor>



    To compile and run:

      $ ant

    It will javac the files and then run the AOPC precompiler to manipulate the bytecode, then finally run the example.  The output should read as follows:

         [java] --- pojo.someMethod(); ---
         [java] <<< Entering SimpleInterceptor type: org.jboss.aop.joinpoint.MethodInvocation
         [java] someMethod
         [java] >>> Leaving SimpleInterceptor


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