Version 8

    Assuming that you are familiar with the process of building blacktie, then integrating it into a Hudson CI environment should be a readily achievable task.


    The main problem associated with configuring Hudson is that the build must be done on the platform it is to be ran on (we do not support cross compiling for Windows VC++ as yet)


    Setting up BlackTie:

    1. If you are not using one of the standard platforms (Centos 5.4 x64, Centos 5.5 x32, Visual C++ x32), in a seperate folder you will need to perform the thirdparty instructions in Building Thirdparty Dependencies will ensure that the dependencies are available on the build machine
    2. Download the Hudson war file from: and put in the folder ~/blacktie/hudson
    3. Run the Hudson environment from the folder it was downloaded to (you may like to nohup this): java -jar hudson.war
    4. Connect to http://localhost:8080/ and configure the Blacktie project in Hudson (see the settings below)
    5. Run a build using the "Build Now" link


    Hudson Build Settings

    The items of configuration that Hudson required in order to create a "New Job" are available straight from the configuration that we use for our development Hudson cluster:

    NOTE: You may need to alter the scripts or bat files but the changes should be relatively trivial as we have tested the same scripts on a variety of differently configured machines. Key items of note are paths to Maven, Java and Ant.