Intro to VDB Builder - command line creation and editing of your VDBs!

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    Intro to VDB Builder

    This article provides an introduction to our new VDB Builder command line interface (cli)VDB Builder allows you to create, edit, import and export dynamic VDBs - all from the command line!


    Customers have often requested Teiid Designer capabilities from the command line.  Such capability would allow users to fully script the creation, editing and deployment of their Teiid artifacts.  This initial release of VDB Builder represents our first step towards providing a full command line interface (cli).

    Current Features:

    Some features of the command line interface:

    • Create Teiid dynamic VDBs interactively within VDB Builder
    • Import and edit existing dynamic VDBs
    • Export VDBs to your file system
    • Supports both interactive and script modes:
      • Interactively create and edit your artifacts in the cli.
      • Record session commands to a file; Play back command files within the cli.
      • Execute existing scripts from the command prompt
    • VDBs are persisted to a local repository for later use.


    Installation and examples:

    Please refer to our github Samples Page .  The samples page provides installation instructions and links to common tasks and examples.