JAXWS2.2 Standalone TCK Guide

This document describes how to setup and configure the jaxws standalone TCK , and run it against AS7.

Obtaining TCK JAVAEE6_RI and AS7

The flowing artifacts and zip files are requried before setup jaxws tck tests:

* jaxwstck-2.2_05-Jan-2011.zip   

   Download or svn export from https://svn.devel.redhat.com/repos/jboss-tck/standalone-tck6/jaxws /jaxwstck-2.2_05-Jan-2011.zip  

* javaee6_ri-3.0.1-b22.zip

  Download or svn export from https://svn.devel.redhat.com/repos/jboss-tck/javaee6-cts/trunk/2010-JUN-UPDATE/RI/javaee6_ri-3.0.1-b22.zip

* jaxwstck-mods

  svn co https://svn.devel.redhat.com/repos/jboss-tck/standalone-tck6/jaxws/jaxwstck-mods/

* JBoss AS 7.0.x

    git clone/pull AS7 upstream and buid with ./build.sh install

    Or, directly download a zip file from http://hudson.jboss.org/hudson/job/JBoss-AS-7.0.x


These artifacts can all be put in a directory , that will make easier to configure the local variables in the next section.

-- tck_home
   |-- javaee6_ri-3.0.1-b22.zip
   |-- jaxwstck-2.2_05-Jan-2011.zip
   |-- jaxwstck-mods
   `-- jboss-as


Set Local Environment Variables

Save the jaxwstck-mods/jaxwstck-setup.sh.example as jaxwstck-setup.sh and

modify the varible values in this shell:


export TCK_HOME=${TCK_HOME:=/home/jimma/jaxwstck-AS7/tck_home}
export JAVA_HOME=${JAVA_HOME:=/home/jimma/java/jdk1.6.0_17}


Set TCK_HOME to the location of your tck work dir.

Set JAVA_HOME to the jdk6 installation

Set TCK_DIST to the jaxwstck-2.2_05-Jan-2011.zip location

Set JBOSS_DIST to the AS7 distribution directory(if it is a zip file, please uncomment the line under "if ${JBOSS_DIST} is zipped")

Set GF_DIST to the javaee6 distribution location.

Set TCK_MODS_DIST to $TCK_HOME/jaxwstck-mods


Configure TCK AS7 and JAVAEE_RI

cd jaxwstck-mods


This will setup and configure all the things needed to run the TCK tests.

The GF server is also started by this shell.


Build TCK Tests

cd $TS_HOME/bin

ant -Dbuild.vi=true clean build.all


Deploy TCK Tests

Increase java heap size in AS7

   JAVA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m

Start AS7 Server

cd $JBOSS_HOME/bin


cd $TS_HOME/bin

ant -Dkeywords=all deploy.all


Run TCK Tests

cd $TS_HOME/src/com/sun/ts/tests/jaxws (or cd $TS_HOME/src/com/sun/ts/tests/signaturetest)

ant -Dkeywords=all runclient