Version 13

    Contributing to JBoss Forums project


    If you want to contribute to JBoss Forums project, you can help in many different ways. But before doing anything please write about what you want to do and how on forums. I will respond to your post as fast as it is possible and we will discuss details. In this way we can prevent us from doing the same work in the same time and also check if your contribution fits Forums needs and architecture.


    Here is a list how you can help me in development, testing and debugging of the application:

    • Testing - If you notice that something doesn't work or works slow or you think that it can be done better, don't hesitate, create a jira task for this issue.

    • Debugging - You found a bug and you even know how to fix it. Please provide me with a fix patch by creating a jira task with an attachment.

    • I18N of Forums - Currently Forums already have English, Italian and German ResourceBundles. Any other language translations are needed. (Please remember to translate bundles in branches 1.0.1 or higher)

    • Private message - Many other forums implementations have a possibility to send a private message to a different user of forums.

    • Theme color manager - Each user should be able to personalize Forums also from Look&Feel standpoint. Ability to choose a background and font color will be enough. Additionally, some presets of those colors would be helpful as well.

    • Respond via e-mail - JBoss Forums support e-mail notification about new posts. However, it would be cool to be able to also respond to the posts by responding to received e-mail.

    • Language switch


    You have other ideas? Post on forums, we will see how it fits our plans.


    Contributors with significant input in building JBoss Forums will be added to a credits section on a homepage of the project.





    Ryszard Kozmik


    JBoss Forums Lead


    JBoss Labs Team