Version 20

    JBoss Mail Server 1.0-M3


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    • Graphical Installation

      • GUI installation via download or via java webstart.

    • SMTP

      • TLS support

      • SSL support

      • verify identity

    • POP

      • TLS support (starttls)

      • SSL support (pop over SSL)

    • JAAS integration

      • You can use JBoss Application Server LoginModules with JBMS.

      • We recommend that you use the JAAS or DatabaseServerLoginModule

    • MailStore

      • This is primarily an efficiency/scalability feature.  The bodies of mails can now be directly streamed into the DB.

      • Databases have differing levels of blob support, therefore we provide a number of implementations of the mail store and the installer will select the appropriate one for your database.

      • PagedStore - This is designed to be a generic implementation that will work with all databases.  It works by spliting up large objects and writing them as seperate rows (pages) in the database.

        • Hypersonic - a simple DB to get you started and test with.  We do not recommend it for production mail servers.

        • MySQL - MySQL for general usage tends to have better performance than PostgreSQL, but does not have great blob support.  We prefer PostgreSQL until MySQL's blob support improves. 

      • PostgreSQLStore - PostgreSQL supplies their own non-standard LargeObjectAPI.  This store work directly with that API.

        • PostgreSQL - Using the LargeObjectAPI gives the best performance for storing mail bodies.

      • JDBC3Store - Uses a JDBC3 Blob to store data.  Few databases have good support for JDBC3 blobs.

        • Oracle - Currently the only database tested with JDBC3 blobs, ensure that you use the latest drivers from Oracle or third parties. 

    • MailListeners

      • You can create your own mail listeners or use our provided mail listeners.  We do want to gain a library of UserContributedMailListeners and we hope you will attach yours here.

    • Performance improvements.

    • More

      • please see the release notes in README.txt with the distribution.








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