Version 14

    is page servers to synchronize collaboration efforts around the web console development.


    Scope and vision


    Task management for process participants

    • Personal tasklist

    • Group tasklist

    • Start a new process instance

    • Task form


    Process monitoring

    • Search process instances and tasks

    • View process instance details: tokens, variables, tasks, comments, history

    • Report rendering for some built-in reports



    • Deploy process archive via file upload

    • Delete process definitions

    • View job queue: current queue, executed jobs, exceptions,...


    Screens and navigation

    This part should contain a description of the screens and navigation that we're going to build in the new SEAM based console.



    • SEAM

    • Criteria API for building statistics queries


    Presentation Layer

    • JSF (MyFaces or SunRI)

    • Integration of AJAX

    • Custom JSF Components (Trinidad or ICEFaces)