Version 8

    Installing BRMS in Tomcat 6.0.x


        1. Tomcat now includes his own el-api.jar, remove this jar from brms WEB-INF/lib (in the war)


        2. Follow the instructions below installing the jsf jar on your apache-tomcat-6.0.X/lib directory



    Installing JavaServer Faces Technology in the Application Server (Jetty, Tomcat)


       1. Download the Application Server.


       2. Follow the installation instructions provided with the Application Server.


       3. Download the JavaServer Faces Technology implementation JAR files from http://download.jboss.org/drools/dependencies/jboss_jsf_libs.zip


       4. Archive or remove (if it exists)  the the old JavaServer Faces Technology release JAR files located in the lib directory of your Application Server installation. These JAR files are jsf-api.jar and jsf-impl.jar.


       5. Unzip the jboss_jsf_libs file and copy the all the files from the lib directory of your lib directory of your Application Server installation. If you have paths to these files already set in your environment, make sure to update the paths to point to the new JAR files in the lib directory of the Application Server installation.