Version 4

    This is a guide to releasing jboss serialization.


    1. Check out the jboss-serialization project

      1. cvs co -r TAG jboss-serialization

    2. Update version references:

      1. field VERSION at org.jboss.serial.Version (or make sure the field matches the release)

      2. update the property distribution.file in build.xml with the proper version

    3. Compile the code

      1. Using Sun Java 1.5 JDK

      2. ant jar | or simply ant, as jar is the default target

    4. Execute Testcases

      1. Using Sun Java 1.4 JDK

      2. ant -Djvm-config=JDK-14 run-tests

      3. Using Sun Java 1.5 JDK

      4. ant -Djvm-config=JDK-15 run-tests

      5. ant test-reports


    You need 100% test pass before making the release available.


    To generate the distribution call:


    1. ant distr


    If the testsuite is okay, make sure the release is tagged, and upload distribution output to:


    1. sourceforge


    3. ibiblio (coming soon...)