Version 1

    The results in relation the JBUG Scotland content and frequency have been compiled using the feedback received from those who attended the JBUG Scotland launch event on 7th March. Planning for the next session is underway and we are looking to use these results to create an agenda tailored to the interests of the community.


    It is still possible to have your say on the content JBUG Scotland should be focusing on through the polls within this site.


    Content Type

    Technical talks were voted the overall preferred content type with 47% of JBUG Scotland attendees indicating it as their first choice.  Architecture was second choice on content with strategy & roadmap, technical demonstrations and development techniques featuring strongly. The content type in order of preference follows:

    1. Technical Talks
    2. Architecture
    3. Technical Demonstrations
    4. Development techniques
    5. Strategy and roadmap
    6. End user project experiences
    7. Commercial offerings
    8. Social

      Technology Focus

      Java and related frameworks was the first choice in terms of technology focus with 42% of the votes from the JBUG Scotland attendees.   The technology focus in order of preference follows:

      1. Java and related frameworks
      2. Web & Portal
      3. Application Platform
      4. ESB, Messaging & Integration
      5. SOA, Business Rules and Business process
      6. Infrastructure and operations
      7. Developer Studio
      8. Data Grid & Data Services


      52% of JBUG Scotland attendees believed JBUG Scotland should meet quarterly with 32% believing every two months to be the best frequency.

      1. Quarterly
      2. 2 Months
      3. 6 Weeks


      58% of JBUG Scotland attendees indicated early evening was the most appropriate meeting time.

      1. Early Evening
      2. Afternoon
      3. Morning


      74% indicated Thursday was the preferred day to host JBUG Scotland.

      1. Thursday
      2. Wednesday
      3. Tuesday
      4. Monday