Version 9

    Upgrading to JBossWS


    In JBoss 4.0.4 we switched the J2EE web services stack from our Axis based version (JBossWS4EE) to an improved, schema aware stack (JBossWS).


    Since both stacks implement the J2EE WS APIs, as long as you have stuck to them, you should have a transparent upgrade process.  However, if you are using any Axis, or JBoss proprietary features, you may have to make a few changes.




    Use of Axis Classes

    Anything refering to JBoss-Axis internal classes (org.jboss.axis) will have to be converted to use the standard J2EE API.

    Use of Internal JBoss Classes

    If you used any class in org.jboss.webservice, you will have to convert to either the standard J2EE API, or the equivalent internal class in the new stack.  The most common case is our proprietary ServiceFactory implementation. For this case you will need to switch to, which has one less parameter (the ws4ee-deployment.xml file which is no longer relevant).

    Use of proprietary JBoss or Axis properties

    If you are using any properties that start with org.jboss.axis, org.apache.axis, or org.jboss.webservice, you will need to update them to the equivalent property.

    Attachment Protocol Change

    JBoss-WS4EE relied on a deprecated attachments technology called SwA (SOAP with Attachments).  SwA required soap/encoding which is disallowed by the WS-I Basic Profile.  JBossWS provides support for WS-I AP 1.0, and MTOM instead.  This will be no API change for you, however, since this is an updated protocol you will not be able to transfer attachmentes between older versions of JBoss and 4.0.4