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    What JIRA issues are backed up by tests?


    JAXWS tests


    • JBWS-860   Investigate "Is Not A Servlet" error with multiple servlets in the web.xml

    • JBWS-871   Arrays with JSR181 endpoints

    • JBWS-944   EJB3 jmx name is incorrectly derrived

    • JBWS-981   Virtual host configuration for EJB endpoints

    • JBWS-1178 Multiple virtual host and soap:address problem

    • JBWS-1190 WSDL generated for JSR-181 POJO does not take 'transport-guarantee' in web.xml into account

    • JBWS-1357 JAXWSDeployerJSE is not handling jsp servlet defs correctly


    JAXRPC tests


    • JBWS-64      NPE with invalid namespace in msg

    • JBWS-68      Response message uses XSD type instead of wsdl msg part name

    • JBWS-70      document literal style and ws method with no parameter

    • JBWS-71      Cannot find custom datatypes in WEB-INF/lib

    • JBWS-79      Cannot deploy a ws containing more than one service per wsdl

    • JBWS-82      Access to /context/services/Foo is denied

    • JBWS-83      XML-> Java naming in jaxrpc mapping file is not honored

    • JBWS-84      Cannot use subclass of org.w3c.dom.Element when mapping document fragments

    • JBWS-124    Redeployment of an unpackaged war causes a NoSuchMethodException at runtime

    • JBWS-128    Cannot load client wsdl from war inside an ear

    • JBWS-153    invalid schemaLocation generated for imported schema

    • JBWS-163    Problems mapping between xsd:unsignedLong and javax.xml.rpc.holders.BigIntegerHolder

    • JBWS-165    Deployment sharing the same servlet context

    • JBWS-167    SAAJ implementation does not add soapAction header

    • JBWS-168    soap response does not respect minOccurs=0

    • JBWS-217    simpletype primitives fails to deploy

    • JBWS-231    Handle Simple Types with Enumerated Values

    • JBWS-251    SOAP fault inheritance

    • JBWS-316    field of type byte{FOOTNOTE DEF  } does not serialize correctly in doc/lit web service

    • JBWS-331    EAR deployment of ejb.jar + ws-ejb.jar

    • JBWS-349    Polymorphism in return types

    • JBWS-358    Unpackaged ear deployments with unpackaged jars inside them do not undeploy WS correctly

    • JBWS-377    Document/Literal parameter wrapping with null values

    • JBWS-381    JBoss creates SOAP messages that don't conform WS-I

    • JBWS-383    JBoss doesn't propertly support JavaBeans with array-type properties.

    • JBWS-413    JBoss ignores metadata supplied in a JAX-RPC Mapping DD. Part 1

    • JBWS-414    JBoss ignores metadata supplied in a JAX-RPC Mapping DD. Part 2

    • JBWS-423    'No serializer found' exception for method returning an array of objects

    • JBWS-424    JBoss ignores metadata supplied in a JAX-RPC Mapping DD. Part 3

    • JBWS-425    No SOAPAction when message is sent with SOAPConnection

    • JBWS-434    Support sequences of anys

    • JBWS-456    JBoss incorrectly implements SOAP serialization semantics.

    • JBWS-463    JBoss doesn't support overloaded methods in SEIs

    • JBWS-464    soapEnvelope.getOwnerDocument() should not return null

    • JBWS-484    Parameter name cannot start from a single lower case letter

    • JBWS-626    No deserializer found for array of complex types with scoped classloading

    • JBWS-632    String{FOOTNOTE DEF  }{FOOTNOTE DEF  } deserialization error

    • JBWS-637    Multiple bindings are not supported

    • JBWS-643    Enhanced guessing of bean properties in BeanDeserializer

    • JBWS-663    SOAP headers with doc/lit endpoints

    • JBWS-706    rpc-literal binding MUST namespace qualify the descendents of part accessor elements

    • JBWS-707    white spaces within CDATA element of a SOAP message are not retained

    • JBWS-710    Document/Literal webservices that are oneway

    • JBWS-716    Invalid XML Characters not Properly Handled in Object Serialization

    • JBWS-720    Handling of xml:lang and any namespace="other"

    • JBWS-732    Empty unwrapped arrays incorrectly unmarshalled as a null value

    • JBWS-751    Multiple schema imports with the same namespace

    • JBWS-772    Web services deployment can fail when deploying multiple EJB JARs

    • JBWS-775    ComplexType cannot be constructed from attributes

    • JBWS-801    Chunked transfer of large attachments

    • JBWS-807    A handler's handleFault() method is never called

    • JBWS-812    Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence

    • JBWS-950    Attributes of type xsd:QName incorrectly serialized

    • JBWS-955    Cannot deserialize fault detail

    • JBWS-956    Deserialization of complex bean containing an array of complex beans

    • JBWS-958    XML entity usage in wsdl contained schema

    • JBWS-1010  Support for inherited service endpoint interfaces - JAX-RPC 5.5.4

    • JBWS-1011  NullPointerException deploying JSR-109 deployment that contains entity beans

    • JBWS-1068  Cannot handle xsd:import of xml schema

    • JBWS-1093  Deploying a war that also contains normal servlets the web.xml is modified as if they are all endpoints

    • JBWS-1107  Spaces around the class specified in servlet-class of the POJO endpoint causes ClassNotFound exception

    • JBWS-1115  Auto discover HTTP(S) port configuration from Tomcat

    • JBWS-1121  Client security configuration not loaded when client deployed with issolated classloader

    • JBWS-1124  Scoped class loading domains for WS endpoints

    • JBWS-1125  Support doc/lit with empty soap body elements

    • JBWS-1148  Anonymous Simple Type causes NullPointerException

    • JBWS-1179  Each web services invocation causes a new HTTP session to be created

    • JBWS-1186  The prefix "xsi" for attribute "xsi:nil" is not bound

    • JBWS-1190  WSDL generated for JSR-181 POJO does not take 'transport-guarantee' in web.xml into account

    • JBWS-1205  WS Client does not clean up temporary xsd files

    • JBWS-1303  Unmarshall issue with xsi:type specified bean property

    • JBWS-1378  NPE in replaceAddressLocation with SOAP1.2 WSDL

    • JBWS-1384  Attachment parts with doclit message

    • JBWS-1386  ComplexType with base64Binary property

    • JBWS-1410  NumberFormatException From StubExt.PROPERTY_CLIENT_TIMEOUT

    • JBWS-1427  Handling of invalid binding port type ref and doc/lit message parts



    You can a run single test like this


       tdiesler@satellite /home/tdiesler/svn/jbossws/trunk/jbossws-tests
       $ ant one-test
           [junit] Running
           [junit] Tests run: 2, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 1.693 sec




       tdiesler@satellite /home/tdiesler/svn/jbossws/trunk/jbossws-tests
       $ ant -Dtest=jaxws/jbws871 test
           [junit] Running
           [junit] Tests run: 2, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 1.693 sec



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