Version 7

    Is JAXWS, JSR181, EJB3 supported?


    JAXWS, JSR181 and EJB3 is supported in jbossws-2.0.x.


    In jbossws-1.0.x we provide a preview implementation for JSR-181 that should work for basic usecases, namely


    1. rpc/literal, document/literal operations with primitive types

    2. JAXRPC handlers using @HandlerChain

    3. One way invocations


    In JAXWS, which JSR181 is part of, delegates all marshalling concerns to JAXB. For this to work, complex beans

    must be annotated with JAXB annotations. Basically, the type mapping that was contained in JSR109 jaxrpc-mapping.xml

    is now in JAXB annotations.


    With jbossws-1.0.x all marshalling is done through JBossXB, which does not understand JAXB annotations.


    *Marshalling concerns that rely on JAXB functionality are not supported in jbossws-1.0.x.

    In jbossws-1.0.x JSR181 is provided as is and will not be extended. Everybody is of course welcome to contribute.*


    At the time of this writing there is a jbossws-2.0.0.CR2 available.