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    How can I configure RPC parameter names?


    With <java-wsdl> this information is not available through reflection, you will have to use JSR181 @WebParam like this


       @WebMethod(operationName = "SecurePing")
       public void ping(
           @WebParam(name = "Ping") PingDocument p, 
           @WebParam(name = "SecHeader", header = true) SecurityHeader secHdr)
"ping: " + p + "," + secHdr);


    From jbossws-1.0.0.GA it is also possible to specify the names of the parameters to be used in the generated WSDL by adding an operation mapping to the service element e.g.


       <service name="PhoneBookService" style="document" endpoint="">
         <operation name="lookup">
           <parameter type="java.lang.String" xml-name="surname" ></parameter>
           <parameter type="java.lang.String" xml-name="foreName" ></parameter>
           <parameter type="java.util.Date" xml-name="dob" ></parameter>
           <parameter type="java.lang.String" xml-name="id" ></parameter>



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