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    I have configured multiple instances of JBoss 4.2 on a single machine. I am able to start them simultaneously. No issues till here.


    Now our application has some properties files which need to be external i.e. out of the ear file.


    So my question is where should I place it so that the application can find it at runtime?


    I am running the instances from <JBOSS_HOME>/bin directory. Below is my folder structure.


    <JBOSS_HOME> -> bin

                               -> client

                               -> docs

                               -> lib

                               -> Server -> all

                                             -> default 

                                             -> minimal

                                             -> production -> conf

                                                                 -> data 

                                                                 -> deploy

                                                                 -> lib

                                             -> hsbc  -> conf

                                                         -> data 

                                                         -> deploy

                                                         -> lib


    production and hsbc are the 2 instances that I'm running simultaneously. I tried placing the properties files in production/lib directory bu the application is not able to find it. It throws FileNotFoundException.


    Properties files have different properties for 2 instances. So can't keep it in a common location like <JBOSS_HOME>/bin.


    Can anyone tell me where should I place my properties files so that application can find it?