Version 1

    Dear JBoss folks,

    Since last XMas holidays it's available off the shelves my first book, published by Packtpub, which is about developing Java EE application with JBoss AS server.

    The book discusses about the most important changes happened in the release 5.X of the application server, mentioning also the news introduced by the release 5.1.0. I've decided to write this book with the concept of productivity in my mind, since today's budget for IT projects are tighter and we need to produce better code in shorter time.

    So I've focused on the Eclipse environment throughout the examples, showing how quickly you can design and develop and secure applications using EJB 3.0, Web Services,  Hibernate, enhanced by the newer JBoss Services. Two chapters of the book have been devoted to clustering, introducing in simple words how to set up and optimize a JBoss AS cluster.

    I do hope I'll be able, by the end of the book, to share the insights on JBoss AS development, in a clear and friendly way.


    I really look forward to hear your opinion about the book as well as questions, doubts or anything else I could he