Version 4

    AS6 Documentation Overview

    For AS6, we are taking advantage of Magnolia to expand the notion of documentation.  No longer will documentation be only a set of DocBook documents.  Rather, we will have in Magnolia a set of pages and links that provide everything a user/developer would need to know about each part of the Application Server.  This includes the DocBook content but also includes links to specifications, javadoc, sample code, articles, or anything else that could be helpful.


    The AS6 Documentation home page has been created.  You can view it here:


    For an example of the kinds of content that might be included, see the JSF section here:


    Each component team is responsible for its part of the Magnolia site as well as the DocBook documentation.  You are free to do whatever you like to enhance the user's experience and provide any content and links that might be helpful.

    Magnolia Information

    Information on how to use Magnolia to create/edit your pages can be  found at


    You can log into Magnolia at


    Most developers on the AS team have been given login information.  If you need this information again contact Stan Silvert.


    Once inside Magnolia you will need to work off of the jbossas/docs/6-x branch.

    SVN for AS6 DocBook Documents

    You can check AS6 DocBook documents into


    If you prefer to keep your documents in the same SVN repo as your component docs then that's OK too.


    The main goal is to create documents that are beneficial to an AS6 user/developer.  So it is preferred that you at least have some kind of AS6-specific document or content that explains how your component is integrated with AS6 and how it is intended to be used in AS6.  But it doesn't really matter where the content lives.  The important thing is that the content is useful and that it is agregated through Magnolia so that an AS6 user can find it.


    Uploading Documents to

    When you are ready you will need to publish your DocBook documents to  Individuals can now upload documents instead of going through helpdesk for publishing.  Information on how to do this is available at