Version 3

    This document lists the various modules in the JBoss AS source tree (initially as of the AS 5.0.0.GA release). The intent is describe the design intent of the module so users know where to look to find classes and, more importantly, where (and where not) to place new classes.


    See "JBoss Module Listing" for information on some of the external libraries used by JBoss AS.


    aspectsaop deployers
    bootstrapThe server bootstrap that loads the JBoss Microcontainer
    buildControls the overall build of the application server.
    clusterJBoss AS clustering functionality, particularly that which directly or indirectly uses the HAPartition abstraction. Does not include JBossWeb clustering (found in the tomcat module) or EJB3 clustering (found in the EJB3 and Hibernate Core external projects)
    component-matrixMaven pom defining the external library dependencies of the AS.
    consoleThe web-console and twiddle. The jmx-console is in varia.
    deploymentJSR88 deployment services code
    ejb3Integration of EJB3 into the AS.
    embeddedObsolete JBossAS emebedded project that has been moved to SVN embedded for further development. See the Design of Embedded JBoss forum for design discussions.
    hibernate-intSupport for Hibernate archives (HARs)
    iiopJacORB integration code for IIOP support
    j2seJMX* JBoss implementations
    jbossasJMX remoting and JTS integration code
    jmxJBoss' JMX implementation
    jmx-remotingJSR 160 implementation
    mainorg.jboss.Main (class with public static void main(String[] args) called by java) plus its immediate dependencies. Creates run.jar.
    managementJSR 77 implementation
    mbeansJBoss JMX extensions
    messagingIntegration of JBoss Messaging into the AS.
    profileserviceThe ProfileService, ManagementView, and DeploymentManager implementations.
    securityJBoss Security integration code
    serverThe legacy EJB2 containers, deployers and detached invokers
    spring-intSpring bean deployment integration
    systemProfileServiceBootstrap implementation and management code
    system-jmxMBean service component model and deployers
    testsuiteThe AS testsuite.
    thirdpartyLocation into which external library dependencies are downloaded by the (non-maven) build; other modules have their internal classpaths reference locations in this module.
    tomcatIntegration of JBossWeb into the AS. Deployment of the webserver itself. Deployment of wars. AS-specific add-ons to JBossWeb such as security integration and clustering
    toolsUtilities used by the build and the testsuite build.
    variaMiscellaneous services that didn't get a module of their own. Among others, the jmx-console, ServiceBindingManager, Properties Service and Scheduler. Needs to be eliminated, with the services given other homes.
    webservicesIntegration of JBossWS into the AS.