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    JBoss AS and .Net Integration Offerings



    1. Since Microsoft has standardized its web services implementation around SOAP, a good way to integrate .NET and Java is via web services. Our web services implementation does support SOAP messages. is a good launch point to learn more. .NET clients, if they communicate via web services, can talk to our JBossWS back-end via SOAP. Also, you can expose any SLSB (Stateless Session Bean) as a web service,


    1. Code Mesh has a couple of products that refer to JBoss AS integration


      1. C++ to JMS (for JBoss AS as well) -


      1. Generate .NET wrapper for Java Object -


    1. There are C++/.NET - JAVA bridges.


    JNBridge's JNBridgePro has been used for numerous JBoss/.NET integration projects.


    The JNBridgePro distribution contains a JBoss example, which can also be downloaded


    from the JNBridge Web site: