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    JBoss and Academia Related Links


    This page links to academia projects related to JBoss. Feel free to add your project here if you think that it either enhances the JBoss platform or is an innovative application of JBoss.


    The home page of JBoss and Academia can be located at:


    JBoss projects in Academia


    Following is a partial list of the Univiersities around the world that are actively working on JBoss projects:





    University College London

    Wolfgang Emerich

    University of Aberdeen - Computing Science

    Bruce Sharlau


    Minhsin University of Science & Technology at Taiwan



    University of Utah, UOnline

    Gary Gerber

    University of Bologna - Computer Science

    Jaksa Vuckovic

    ADAPT (J2EE Replication)

    insert a link to a JBoss project at Your university




    If you have a comment related to the JBoss and Academia program, please send a message to


    Feel free to add your project to the list above