Version 6

    Common Distribution Structure Template

    For consistency in navigation and understanding of a JBoss project binary distribution, use a distribution structure that reflects the main elements of this template:


    + project-version
    --+ bin
    --+ copying.txt/html
    --+ readme.txt/html
    --+ install.txt/html
    --+ release-notes.txt/html
    --+ docs
    ----+ licenses
    --+ lib
    --+ src


    • project-version - the root distribution directory should incorporate the project name and version.

    • bin - an optional directory for scripts/executables associated with the dist.

    • copying.txt/html - a document describing the conditions for copying/distributing the binary along with any required copyright attribution.

    • readme.txt/html - a top level readme overview of the release, with a description, installation instruction, release notes, links to copyright and license terms.

    • install.txt/html - an optional detailed installation instruction document linked to by the readme.

    • release-notes.txt/html - an optional release notes document linked to by the readme.

    • docs - the root for examples, javadoc api, etc.

    • docs/licenses - the license terms for the distribution and its dependency libraries.

    • lib - a top level directory for thirdparty and/or common distribution jars/resources.

    • src - the root for source if source is bundled with the distribution.