Version 3

    Basic concepts


    JBoss Blog has two main functions. It can be used simply as a blog/feed view portlet, or as a complete blogging system, with the ability to create and edit posts, add comments and manage blogs.


    Each Blog has a unique identifier, which is a pair: (id, category). Everytime you view, edit or manage anything in the blog, you do it in a specified blog.


    Using the default settings and implementation of services (you can read more about them on other wiki pages), the id can have two meanings:

    • if it is an URL, then it points to a remote blog. A portlet which is set to display a blog with such an id will simply retrieve the feed from the specified location, parse it and display

    • otherwise, it is assumed to be an internal blog. Then, the id means something like "category group": for example blog id can be "Adams blog" with categories "private, work, main". This way, there can be many users of the blog system, each of them having their own blog id, and each of them having his own categories. Posts can be cross-posted in different categories. The store service is used as the source of the blog information and posts. Such blogs can be edited using the Admin UI.