Version 9


    1. Download and install JBoss Application Server and JBoss Portal

    2. Check out the source code from:

      1. To deploy on JBoss Portal 2.7 -

      2. To deploy on JBoss Portal 2.6 -
    3. Modify /resourses/WEB-INF/web-dev.xml and set your local directory for sourceBasePath

    4. Copy in your custom sourceBasePath the "view" directory with all the presentation template files
    5. Modify /resourses/META-INF/persistence-dev.xml setting your Lucene indexes directory for parameter
    6. Modify setting your local JBoss installation
    7. Modify
    8. Modify web.xml use as filter ResourcesFilter and not ShotokuResourcesFilter
    9. Run as Ant script the "deploy" target on build.xml