Version 3

    The JBossApplicationServer integration of the JBoss Bootstrap project addesses all AS-specific server and configuration constructs.  "spi-as" is therefore the interface used by launchers of AS, including the Standalone Main and AS Embedded.  In addition, the AS implementation of Bootstrap is responsible for:


    • Exposing ProfileService @ManagementObjects and @ManagementProperties of the Server and ServerConfig
    • Initializing all requisite system properties during server start, cleaning up upon shutdown
    • Firing Kernel Events in tandem with lifecycle


    This differs from the legacy implementation by:

    • Not addressing JVM shutdown/halt.  This is a function of whomever has started the JVM, not the Server.
    • Leaving out a "Life Thread".  The server itself should not keep JVMs from shutting down if all other non-daemon Threads are complete.


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    Sample Code

    Create and Start a new AS instance

    // Create the server
    final JBossASServer server = new JBossASServerImpl();
    // Set JBOSS_HOME
    // Start