Version 3

    The Microcontainer extension is the default operational implementation of the JBoss Bootstrap project.  It integrates a configured Bootstrap to be backed by JBossMicrocontainer and, as a result, brings in the MC internals as part of the dependency chain.  In many senses, jboss-bootstrap-spi-mc is a simplified facade atop MC itself, though it does allow for direct hooks into the underlying Kernel.


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    Sample Code

    Booting an MC Server pointed at an explicit configuration

    // Create a configuration
    final MCServerConfig config = new BasicMCServerConfig()
    // Create the server
    final MCServer server = new MCServerImpl(config);
    // Start

    Using a factory to create an MC Server with default configuration

    final ClassLoader cl = null; // Assume we have this
    final MCServer server = MCServerFactory.createServerWithDefaultConfiguration(cl);


    Programmatically Installing an MC Bean into the Server

    // Create and start the server
    final MCServer server = null; // Assume we get this from somewhere
    // Construct BeanMetaData
    final Pojo pojo = new Pojo();
    final String mcBindName = "example.MyPOJO";
    final BeanMetaData beanMD = BeanMetaDataBuilder.createBuilder(mcBindName,
    // Install into the Server via the MC Kernel
    server.getKernel().getController().install(beanMD, pojo);