Version 4

    This page provides some information about what is currently being done on the JBoss build system.


    JBoss is moving from an ant based system to a maven based system.  The JBoss projects will be migrated to the new build system one by one.



    Projects that already have maven build scripts in place



    JBoss Common - Maven build scripts are already in place.  This project uses a top level pom located in the build subdirectory of the project.  Each subproject is set up as a module with its own subdirectory containing a pom.


    JBoss Messsaging - This project uses a single pom located in the root of the project.


    JBoss Microcontainer - This project uses aggregation similar to JBoss Common




    Projects that have not begun conversion yet



    JBoss App Server - We are working on creating a plan for migrating the JBoss app server build to maven.  The tentative goal is to complete the conversion sometime in April in time for plenty of testing (~2 months) before the next major release of the app server.


    More to come...