Version 11

    JBossCache 2.x Code Coverage Analysis


    Code coverage analysis is applied to HEAD CVS branch.


    Release 2.0 CR3 Report

    performed on July 5, 2007

      • Command Line executed

        • sh with.clover all-functionaltests to generate clover instrumentation on all functional tests and source files for JBossCache and PojoCache, see Build_allfunctionaltests_20cr3.log

        • sh clover.pdf to produce clover report in pdf format

        • sh clover.html to produce clover report in html format

        • sh clover.log to produce clover log summary


      • Failed tests during the run:

        • Test org.jboss.cache.buddyreplication.BuddyGroupAssignmentTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.eviction.ReplicatedLRUPolicyTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.lock.ReentrantWriterPreference2Readers1WriterLockTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.multiplexer.StateTransferTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.statetransfer.ForcedStateTransferTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.statetransfer.StateTransfer200Test FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.statetransfer.StateTransferUnderLoadTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.transaction.IsolationLevelReadCommittedNodeCreationRollbackTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.pojo.rollback.LocalExceptionUndoTest FAILED

        • Test org.jboss.cache.pojo.statetransfer.StateTransfer200AopTest FAILED (timeout)


        • Tests Coverage Report:

        • clover statistics log




        clover-log Loaded results from 663 coverage recordings.


        clover-log Clover Coverage Report


        clover-log Coverage Timestamp: Thu Jul 05 20:02:32 EDT 2007


        clover-log Coverage Overview -


        clover-log       Methods: 6129/7401 (82.8%)


        clover-log    Statements: 43279/50079 (86.4%)


        clover-log  Conditionals: 6009/9360 (64.2%)


        clover-log         TOTAL: 82.9%




      • This time around the test run is meant to report on the progress made in test coverage from Beta2 to CR3. Therefore, there's no gap analysis done and only the stats provided in the graph should be enough.