Version 22

    JBossCache 2.x Code Coverage Analysis


    Code coverage analysis is applied to HEAD CVS branch.



    Release 2.0 BETA1 Report

    performed on Jan. 31, 2007

      • Command Line executed

        • sh with.clover all-functionaltests to generate clover instrumentation on all functional tests (JBossCache and PojoCache tests), see Build_allfunctionaltests.log

        • sh clover.pdf to produce clover report in pdf format

        • sh clover.html to produce clover report in html format

        • sh clover.log to produce clover log summary

      • Clover Generated Coverage Report


         clover-log Loaded results from 366 coverage recordings.


         clover-log Clover Coverage Report


         clover-log Coverage Timestamp: Wed Jan 31 15:38:53 EST 2007



         clover-log Coverage Overview -


         clover-log       Methods: 2643/2918 (90.6%)


         clover-log    Statements: 24756/26493 (93.4%)


         clover-log  Conditionals: 1463/2016 (72.6%)


         clover-log         TOTAL: 91.8%




      • Gap Analysis


        • TestSuite coverage quality analysis

          • Assumptions:

            • Any testcase reports less than 90% coverage is examined for actions

            • Any examined test case and not reported below means the gap in the coverage is ignored due to:

    1. being too simple

    2. false poistive reporting by Clover

    See JBossCache20Beta2CodeCoverageAnalysis


        • Source Code exercised by testing quality analysis

    See JBossCache20Beta2CodeCoverageAnalysis