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    JBoss ClassLoader Glossary


    The following table contains a list of terms and acronyms used throughout the classloader documentation.


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    Call By ReferenceThe standard java calling convention
    Call By ValueThe calling convention used between JavaEE applications where different applications don't have direct references to each other classes.
    CapabilitySomething provided by a classloader or module used to satisfy a Requirement.
    ClassThe JVM bytecode and reflection information (not necessarily built from java source code).
    ClassLoaderThe JRE mechanism used to locate, define and validate classes and load other resources.
    ClassLoaderDomainA parition of the ClassLoaderSystem.
    ClassLoadingMetaDataAn implementation neutral definition of the policyfor a ClassLoader and what dependencies it requires.
    ClassLoadingModuleAn abstraction of a ClassLoader(Policy) before it is constructed that includes the ClassLoader's dependencies.
    ClsasLoaderPolicyThe JBoss ClassLoader abstraction that allows users to define their own resource or ClassLoading mechanisms.
    ClassLoaderSystemThe main factory object for ClassLoaderDomains and creating ClassLoaders from ClassLoaderPolicys.
    ClassPathA simple classloader that can be used to define from the command line.
    CodeSourceImplements the notion that a class comes from a logical URL and is associated signatures/certificates against which permissions can be assigned.
    DelegateLoaderSomething that a ClassLoader can delegate to to load classes and resources.
    DomainSee ClassLoaderDomain
    ExportSee Capability
    ImportSee Requirement
    JREJava Runtime Environment - The spec defined classes and supporting tools that make the JVM into a full java implementation
    JVMJava Virtual Machine - The engine for running java bytecode.
    LoaderThe basic class and resource loading abstraction.
    OSGiA specification for a Java Module System
    PackageEach class is assigned to a package. Its most direct use is to control private package access and sealing.
    ParentPolicyControls what and when classloading attempts should be delegated to the parent of a domain.
    PolicySee ClassLoaderPolicy
    ProtectionDomainAn ecapsulating of the code source, runtime permissions and digital signatures/certificates for a class or group of classes.
    RequirementA dependency that should be satisfied for a classloader/module to be valid.
    TCLThe Thread Context ClassLoader. Each thread can be assigned a ClassLoader which most frameworks will use when making a dynamic classloading request.
    UCLSee UnifiedClassLoader
    UnifiedClassLoaderthe legacy JBoss ClassLoading implementation used from JBossAS 3.0.0 through 4.x
    VFSVirtual File System