JBoss cluster ports(for JMS) - in the firewall enviroment

Version 1

    By default, JBoss AS has defined multicast UDP ports through which the ongoing intra-cluster communication, and those defined in file jbossas/server/all/deploy/cluster/jgroups-channelfactory.sar/META-INF/jgroups-channelfactory-stacks.xml. This file contains a number of protocol stack configurations used by the AS's JGroups ChannelFactory. In the firewall enviroment you must open these ports between all nodes




    <stack name="jbm-data"
            description="Stack optimized for the JBoss Messaging Data Channel">
            <TCP singleton_name="jbm-data"
                start_port="${jboss.messaging.datachanneltcpport:7900}" - for JMS


    <MPING timeout="5000"
    - UDP multicast


    and yet to be add element bind_port (the port to which the unicast receive socket) must be configured to concrete value because the default value is random and servers are behind the firewall.

            <!--  UDP transport config meant to be shared between different channels
                   with different requirements. Message bundling is disabled in this
                   general-purpose config as it can add latency to synchronous RPCs. -->
                  mcast_addr="${jboss.partition.udpGroup:}     "

             bind_port="44401" - example - but to next node add element bind_port with diferent value for example :44402