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    Common questions answered for JBoss Committers


    Integrate content into thirdparty module


    Assume that you want to integrate the xmlunit project from sourceforge.
    Step 1:  Under thirdparty module, create a directory called xmlunit-xmlunit
    (If it an apache project, it will apache-xxx)
    Step 2:  Under thirdparty/xmlunit-xmlunit, add License.txt that contains the license.
    Step 3:  Create lib directory under thirdparty/xmlunit-xmlunit
    Step 4:  Copy the jars under lib directory.  Eg: xmlunit1.0.jar
    Lets check:
    jboss-head/thirdparty/xmlunit-xmlunit] anil% ls
    LICENSE.txt     lib
    thirdparty/xmlunit-xmlunit/lib] anil% ls
    Now lets begin adding this to the CVS repository
    Step 5:  Import the directory into CVS
    [Sadbhav:jboss-head/thirdparty/xmlunit-xmlunit] anil% cvs import -m 'Import of xmlunit' thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit xmlunit-xmlunit v1_0's password: 
    N thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit/LICENSE.txt
    cvs import: Importing /cvsroot/jboss/thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit/lib
    N thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit/lib/xmlunit1.0.jar
    No conflicts created by this import
    Processing log script arguments...
    Mailing the commit message...
    - thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit   is the directory where it will reside on the server.
    - xmlunit-xmlunit    is the vendor tag
    - v1_0      is the version tag
    Step 6:  Add an alias to the CVSROOT/modules definitions in the following
    ## Thirdparty libraries
    _thirdparty_xml_unit    -d xmlunit-xmlunit          thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit
    -  _thirdparty_xml_unit   is the alias name
    -  xmlunit-xmlunit   is the directory to which content will be checked out to
    -  thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit    is the directory on the repository from where the content come
    Step 7: Add this alias to the jboss-head/thirdparty definition:
    _jboss_thirdparty       -d thirdparty \
                            &_thirdparty_apache_addressing \
                            &_thirdparty_licenses \
                            &_thirdparty_xml_unit \
    If the thirdparty content is needed in another branch you need to import
    it to head and then create a branch using rtag. For example, to use
    the _thirdparty_xml_unit in the Branch_4_0 branch:
    cvs rtag -b Branch_4_0 thirdparty/xmlunit/xmlunit
    and then update the CVSROOT/modules defintion for the
    # Project thirdparty support definition
    _jboss-4.0_thirdparty   -d thirdparty \
                            &_thirdparty_licenses \
                            &_thirdparty_xml_unit \