Version 13

    Controller - org.jboss.dependency.spi.Controller


    The controller is the main state machine that handles contexts and their lifecycle.




    • AbstractController - this is the base implementation of the contract.

    • KernelController - an extension to the AbstractController that adds the POJO dependency model.




    List<ControllerState> getStates()
    - the states managed by the controller.




    - adds a context to the controller such that the controller manages the lifecycle.


    - removes a context from the controller.


    change(ControllerContext, ControllerState)
    - (1) changes the requested state of the context (2).


    - make a context in the On Demand mode move to the Installed final state.




    addState(ControllerState newState, ControllerState before)
    - add a new state "before" the referenced state, beyond the default states.




    ControllerContext getContext(Object name, ControllerState expected)
    retrieve a context in the expected state (3).


    ControllerContext.getInstalledContext(Object name)
    - equivalent to

    getContext(name, ControllerState.INSTALLED)



    Set<ControllerContext> getNotInstalledContext()
    - retrieves a list of contexts not in the final Installed state.



    • (1) This method is not required in Automatic mode though it can still be used in such a case.

    • (2) The change may not take affect if the dependencies of the context for that state are not satisified. When the dependencies are satisfied it will move to that state.

    • (3) Passing an expected state of "null" is equivalent to any state.


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