Version 8

    Unzip the attached solution -


    Modify build.xml:

    • point the jbossesbhome.dir to your installation of JBoss ESB

    • point the jbosshome.dir to your installation of JBoss Application Server 4.0.4.GA with EJB3 profile





    • point the inputDirURI attribute to where you have unzipped the solution


    Take note of this section in the config ~file:

       <NotificationList type="OK">   
         <target class="NotifyQueues" >
           <queue jndiName="queue/D">
                <messageProp name="sample_file_watcher" value="BasicFileListener" ></messageProp>


    Execute this command "ant run" from a command window and in the same directory as build.xml. Screenshots associated with this activity can be found in the Basic File Listener example


    Rename one of the files in the InputDirectory and then visit the JBoss JMX Console to view the contents of queue D.