Version 13

    The purpose of this page is to document some basic "How Tos" associated with JBoss ESB development.  We assume that you have already correctly installed JBoss ESB and executed the testJBossESB.bat to prove your configuration. 


    JBoss ESB Quickstarts are included with the download, some of which are mentioned below.


    • aggregator - splitter, aggregator and multi-JVM/ESB demonstration

    • bpm_orchestration1 - demonstrates business process orchestration with jPBM

    • business_rules_service - demonstrates using the BusinessRulesProcessor which allows for modification of the POJOs attached to an ESB Message with JBoss Rules

    • business_service - demonstrates how to invoke an EJB3 component from an ESB action

    • deadletter - demonstrates how a message can end up being send to the DeadLetter Service

    • fun_cbr - demonstrates dynamic/hot-deploy features of JBoss ESB & CBR

    • helloworld - illustrates basic JMS listening

    • helloworld_action - demonstrates the basic use of ESB actions

    • helloworld_db_registration -  connects directly to the (MySQL) database to register the component

    • helloworld_file_action - demonstrations the use of the File listener/poller

    • helloworld_ftp_action - demonstrates the use of the FTP listener/poller

    • helloworld_hibernate_action - demonstrates a Hibernate listener

    • helloworld_sql_action - demonstrates the use of the SQL listener/poller

    • messagefilter - demonstrates how to filter a message based on content.

    • messagestore -  demonstrates how to store a message in the MessageStore

    • recipient_list - demonstrates the EIP recipient list pattern using content based and static routers

    • scripting_groovy - demonstrates an implementation of a Groovy scripted action using the GroovyActionProcessor

    • simple_cbr - a basic content-based routing (CBR) example using the Rules-based XPath DSL

    • spring_aop - demonstrates the use of Spring AOP - specifies Spring bean XML definitions in jboss-esb.xml, looks up the beans in the Action class

    • spring_helloworld - demonstrates the use of Spring based action invocations

    • spring_jpetstore - demonstrates advanced use of Spring based action invocations - includes AOP, iBatis, a datasource and transaction management.

    • static_router - demonstrates static router by creating a file on an FTP server and showing the progress of a message through a static route

    • transform_CSV2XML - demonstrates transforming a comma separated value (CSV) file to xml

    • transform_EDI2XML_Groovy_XSLT - based on the project name, what do you think it does?

    • transform_XML2POJO - demonstrates the use of Smooks for transforming an XML to multiple POJOs

    • transform_XML2XML_date_manipulation - more advanced transformation example showing the use of Java & XSLT simultaneously.

    • transform_XML2XML_simple - basic XSLT transformation

    • webservice_bpel -  demonstrates how the ActiveBPEL BPEL Engine can be used to orchestrate business process flow through JBoss ESB

    • webservice_producer - demonstrates how to use an annotated web service (JSR 181) with ESB

    • wiretap - demonstrates the EIP wiretap list pattern using content based and static routers