Version 1



    I made a groovy script to slim JBoss EWP. It can be executed on windows and linux.


    It comes with a config file to choose the components to remove :


    • EJB_2
    • EJB_3
    • JBoss_WS
    • JBoss_Mail
    • Hypersonic_DB
    • Hot_deployment
    • JMX_Console
    • Admin_Console
    • Seam
    • XA_datasources
    • remote_RMI_acces_to_JMX
    • ROOT_directory
    • JBoss_JDBC_datasource


    It create a slimmed profile from another profile. A backup is created if slimmed profile already exists. An installed Groovy environment is a prerequisite.


    Execute "groovy SlimmingJBossEWP51.groovy" without args for help.