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    JBoss Faces Frequently Asked Questions


    Can I package different version of JSF library (other than used in jboss-4.0.x\server\all\deploy\jbossweb-tomcat55.sar\jsf-libs) in my .war file and scope it?


    Scoping might work if you use Facelets and stay away from the JSF standard taglibs.  If you want to use a different JSF version then your best bet is to remove the JSF jars from jsf-libs and then package JSF in your .war file.


    I see that the JSF implementation for JBoss 5 no longer uses MyFaces.  Can I still use MyFaces on JBoss 5?


    See the answer here.


    Should I use JSP 2.1 or Facelets?


    See the answer here.


    Why doesn't @EJB injection work with my managed beans?

    Not all injections worked in AS4.2, and @EJB was one of them.  If you are using AS5 then, most likely, it is because you are using an old descriptor in web.xml.  To enable resource injection, you must use the Servlet 2.5 deployment descriptor.  JBossWithJSFCDDL