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    How to ask for help


    You can get free help from the forums. Before you go and ask your question there, here are some hints and alternates that will avoid you wasting your (and everybody else's) time.


    The Contract


    • Anybody could give you a response so be careful. The forums are part of (the open source community), not the

      Professional OpenSource

      company behind the JBoss Application Server and the other JEMS products.


    • There is no guarantee of response time. Some developers only drop into the forums once a week or maybe longer. If you have an urgent problem, the forums are the wrong place for your question.


    • There is no guarantee you will even get a response. If you don't follow the advice on this page, it is very likely you will be ignored.


    • The forums are there so you can ask for help on very specific issues. They are not a replacement for you doing your own research. Nor are they a place where you can get free consulting or help in debugging your application or some other non-JBoss related topic.



    If you got a terse response, it means you have been moderated as a bad post.


    • FAQ - your question has been answered many times before and there is probably an overview of the answer in the FAQ or use search

    • Read the docs - either the spec, jboss docs or the wiki

    • IT DOES NOT WORK - this does NOT mean JBoss does not work. It is a summary of what your post says. Your question is unanswerable in its current form. Ask yourself these questions

    • Wrong Forum - which also usually means you haven't even attempted to understand the problem

    • One of the other BadPosts like ME TOO, HIJACK, etc.


    Before Posting


    Posting to the Forums


    Getting a Guaranteed Response


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