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    JBossIDE Installation FAQ


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    This FAQ is intended to provide information on JBossIDE installation. Question related to everyday use are addressed here. Many posts in the Forum are related to the installation, so it is a good place to gather the experience of the community. Please, follow the formalism of the page setup and don't duplicate information.




    Q : How do I install JBossIDE ?


    A : Please read our official installation guide here: JBossIDE Installation Guide


    You can also find the complete step-by-step installation procedure in a downloadable PDF, JBossIDE Installation Guide PDF




    If you are using Java 1.4.2_05 or later to launch JBoss from the IDE, you must set a VM argument in your JBossIDE launch configuration(s) or you will get an exception when you launch. Please see the JBoss-IDE General FAQ for instructions in the Launching Topics section.




    Q : What are JBossIDE update sites?






    Q : I am behind a proxy which requires authentification. How can I use the Eclipse install/update manager ?


    A : Actually, you can't. Eclipse install/update manager can't handle proxy with authorization. The only choice you have is to download the zip bundle and install it manually.




    Q : I have upgraded my JBossIDE version. Can I delete the plugins from the older version ?


    A : Yes, you can safely remove the older plugins. Each release of JBossIDE contains all the plugins needed and they have the same numbering than the release. It avoids compatibility problem and simplify developement.




    Q : I have created a new J2EE 1.4 Project following the instructions in the "Tutorial" document, but I cannot see "JSP Compilation Support, Packaging Configurations and XDoclet Configurations" in my project properties. Can you help me ?


    A : This is answered here under "XDoclet integration topics". In brief, check that you are in the java perspective (Window -> Open Perspective-> Java) and that you are right clicking on the project in the Package Explorer view..




    Q : Where can I get the latest nightly build?


    A : http://download.jboss.org/jbosside/builds/nightly/buildResults.html