Version 3

    JbossAS adapter based on WTP1.5 for Eclipse 3.2





    Yesterday I've read about this news entry and couldn't wait to see this myself. So I pulled it from CVS, played around and got it to work.






    Compile from source



    • download this and import it into a new workspace via File->Import->Team->Team Project Set

    • login to CVS via anonymous and no password

    • source is automatically pulled

    • go to the project "org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.feature" and right click on feature.xml and select PDE Tools->Create Ant Build File

    • right click on the generated build.xml and select Run As->Ant Build...

    • select additionally to build.update.jar, clean and zip.distribution(and correct the build order: first clean, second build.update.jar, third zip.distribution

    • click Run

    • extract the resulting zip into your Eclipse3.2 installation directory

    • play around, find bugs and file many JIRA issues that we get that asap stable