Version 5

    JBoss-IDE Testing Plan



    This page is aimed to list all the testing operations done on JBoss-IDE before a release gets out. This plan will be completed on the fly while testing technique refine.




    In order to test, JBoss-IDE has to be installed in a fresh Eclipse install. Debugging inside Eclipse is prohibited as side-effects may appears.


    Here is the test environment required :


    • Eclipse 2.1.x has to be run under a JDK 1.3

    • Eclipse 3.0.x has to be run under a JDK 1.4


    What to do if it failed


    You can use the "PDE Runtime" view to view error logs or the .log file under the .metadata folder of the workspace. Locate the errors and try to find the reason of the failure.






    Check-list :


    • Startup occurs without errors.

    • Workbench looks nice with all the things needed.




    • When workbench starts, Eclipse loads plugins either at startup or lazily. So problems canbe spotted at launch.






    Check-list :


    • Go into the Window > Preferences menu.

    • Every preference pane shows up correctly under the JBoss-IDE item.

    • Test action on the preference panes such as refresh or add/remove buttons.




    • Some plugins have dependencies. So if one plugin failed to load, every dependant plugin will also failed to load.






    Check-list :


    • Go into the Window > Show View menu.

    • Open all the JBoss-IDE specific view

    • Test action on the views such as configuration or start/stop actions.