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    JBI/ESB Design Meeting Notes - Neuchatel Sep 19-20 2005




    0. JSR-208 Overview


    1. JBI Node Design


    2. JBI/ESB transition elements


    3. JBoss ESB



    Discussion Topics


    1. JBI Node Design



    1.1 Threading



    According to the specifications, each Service Engine/Binding Component has its own DeliveryChannel. A DeliveryChannel is a bi-directional queue that holds incoming/outgoing MessageExchanges. Each ServiceEngine/BindingComponent uses its own thread (T1, T3) to send/read message to/from queue. First implementation of the JBI container will have the Normalized Message Router use its own thread pool to route messages among DeliveryChannels. Optimizations possible for the next releases.



    1.2 Reliability



    Cases considered: in-VM reliability and distributed ( 2 VMs) reliability.

    Four different quality of service levels:

    1. Don't care

    2. Best effort

    3. Deliver once

    4. Deliver once and only once (2 Phase Commit required)



    1.3 Class loading



    1.4 Service discovery


    2. JBI/ESB transition elements


    2.1 Distribution







    2.2 Registry/Discovery



    2.3 Routing


    To be addressed in the next implementation.


    3. JBoss ESB


    Components of the JBoss ESB

    • In-VM JBI implementation

    • Messaging

    • Web Services

    • BPM (?) + BPEL

    • Rule Engine

    • Transformations


    4. The Team


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