Version 27


    JBossJCA is made up of a number of a components. Its main purpose is to integrate

    disparate systems (using ResourceAdapters) with the JBoss Application Server.


    The players

    • RAR - the ResourceAdapter deployment that knows how to connect to Databases, JMS servers or other legacy systems

    • JBossJCA - this is us - we do all the plumbing

    • JBoss - the application hosting user applications

    • JBossJTA - the TransactionManager

    • JBossSX - the SecurityManager


    What the RAR provides


    RARs provided by JBossJCA

    • jboss-local-jdbc.rar - Local JDBC ResourceAdapter wraps any java.sql.Driver

    • jboss-xa-jdbc.rar - XA JDBC ResourceAdapter wraps any javax.sql.DataSource

    • jms-ra.rar - JMS ResourceAdapter - works with any JMS implementation


    What core JBossJCA provides


    What transaction support JBossJCA provides

    • TransactionInjection - automatic enlistment of connections in transactions using the TxConnectionManager

    • LocalXAResource - an adapter to make LocalTransactions look like XAResources so they can take part in two phase commits

    • XATerminator - used by the ResourceAdapter to control transactions provided during TransactionInflow - actually implemented by the TransactionManager (JCA 1.5)


    What security support JBossJCA provides


    What JBoss provides


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