Version 5

    The jboss-javaee project contains the Java Enterprise Edition APIs as defined in the JavaEE Platform Specifications.  Historically, this project generated an aggregated EE API set in a single jboss-javaee.jar for distribution with the JBoss Application Server based on the implementation of the EE platform specification version.

    This monolithic approach, consistent with the EE platform, exposed issues when resolving defects in the APIs or when revising the APIs to a later release.  Integrating projects into JBoss AS also caused duplication of the APIs: one jar integrated with the project, as well as the APIs being included as part of the aggregated jboss-javaee.jar

    For these reasons, the project has been restructured with the following goals in mind:

    1. Maintain a single repository containing the required APIs as defined by the EE Platform Specification
    Each project typically contains the technology API sources as part of the individual project repository.  Having a single svn repository for all the EE APIs will make it easier for all to access, control, and consume.



    2. Individual release cycle per technology component
    Restructuring the project so each API set can be released individually provides greater flexibility and control to the project owners without waiting for the aggregate to be released and integrated.

    3. Define a naming scheme which references the specification version so it is clear what version of the APIs are contained in the jar intended to eliminate confusion between that and the version of the artifact.
    Often it was unclear what version of the APIs were being included in the jboss-javaee.jar or in the individual module release.  The specification version is now included in the artifactId as noted in this discussion.

    4. Promote adoption of these versioned APIs for consistency in all JBoss-released projects
    Once the APIs have all been converted to the new naming scheme and released, it is intended that all projects will include these mvn coordinates in their respective projects pom.


    5. Aggregate JavaDocs for the complete EE API set and publish to the Community
    In addition to streamlining the source location and naming scheme, another goal is to generate set of JavaDocs and post to the community for Developer reference.



    Project Coordinates:

    SVN repository:

    NOTE:  The API specs projects are being migrated to Git.   See the JBoss JavaEE Specs Git Migration document for the Current Status on each project.   If you have updates and the new repository status is not yet Complete, make a Note and we'll prioritize accordingly.




    To add or release the Java EE modules, see the Java EE Release Process