Version 3

    Tracking in JIRA


    Projects such as JBoss Application Server package components from several other projects such as JBoss Cache, Tomcat, JGroups, and Hibernate. To manage the development cycles between these projects the following guidelines apply:


    1. A projects that ships as a standalone product has its own entry as a JIRA Project. Examples include JBoss Cache, Hibernate, JBoss jBPM, etc. These projects have independent release cycles.

    2. A container project such as JBoss AS that packages other projects has a JIRA component for each one of them. For example the JBoss AS project includes the following components: JTA, JCA, Web Services, Hibernate service, JBoss Cache service, JBoss Web(Tomcat) service. There are two kinds of components:

      1. Components for composing projects that are developed within the container and have release cycles aligned with it (e.g. JTA, JCA)

      2. Components for embedded projects that are integrated within the container, but are also offered standalone (e.g. Tomcat, Hibernate). These components track the integration tasks for the embedded service (e.g. Tomcat). Typically a release of the container is integrated with a stable version of the standalone project. For example JBoss 4.0.1 embeds Tomcat 5.0.16.


    Project Source Repository and Builds


    The source code repository of a container project includes the full source for all composing components. For integrated components, the source repository includes integration source code and stable binaries of the related standalone projects. Building a container from source, compiles the source code for its composing parts as well as integration code, but it does not pull in the source for standalone projects.




    A container testsuite includes the tests for all composing components as well as the integration tests for embedded compoenents. It does not include the tests that are part of the standalone testsuite for an integrated component. For example JBoss AS testsuite covers the HAR deployer, but it does not include tests from the standalone Hibernate project.