Version 6




    release-admin.xml Test Sequence (at the QA lab)


    The following steps need to be done only once


    1. Create the release bundle


    ant clean
    rm -rf thirdparty
    ant release-bundle


    This will create $JBOSS_MESSAGING_WORK_AREA/output/lib/


    2. Unzip the release bundle in a staging area


    We will refer to the staging area as $RELEASE_BUNDLE_HOME


    3. Set JBOSS_HOME to the target JBoss instance


    Preferably JBoss 4.0.5.GA



    The following steps need to be repeated for each database (mysql, oracle, postgres, mssql, sybase)


    1. Create two cluster nodes using a specific database


    (replace your-database with mysql, oracle, postgres, mssql, sybase)


         cd $RELEASE_BUNDLE_HOME/util
         ant -f release-admin.xml -Ddatabase=your-database cluster-node
         ant -f release-admin.xml -Ddatabase=your-database -Did=1 -Dports=ports-01 cluster-node


    This will create two cluster node configurations ($JBOSS_HOME/server/messaging-node0 and $JBOSS_HOME/server/messaging-node1)


    2. Follow the instructions on the screen


    The installation script is supposed to display warnings as what to check and what drivers to install. Follow them accurately.


    3. Start the cluster nodes and make sure the cluster forms without any errors.




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