Version 19

    This page describes the wire format used by JBoss Messaging 1.4.x to communicate between the client and the server.


    The corresponding types are located in the package org.jboss.jms.wireformat.



    message initiated on the client, sent to the server


    message sent by the server to the client in response to a client request


    message sent by the server (not in response to a client request)


    • req & callback messages are one-way messages

    • a req/resp message is a RPC method



    • create connection delegate (req/resp)

    • get client AOP stack (req/resp)

      • used to download the client AOP stack from the server when a client is created

    • get topology (req/resp)

      • used for failover in clustered environment

    • add callback (req)

    • remove callback (req)

      • add/remove handler called by the server

    • update (callback)

      • update the failover info when the update callback is received by the client



    • start(req)

    • stop(req)

    • create session (req/resp)

    • set client ID (req)

    • get client ID (req/resp)

    • get ID block (reqp/resp)

      • fetch the IDBlock used to generate the client ID

    • get prepared transactions (req/resp)

      • used during tx recovery to fetch the XIDs of prepared transactions

    • send transaction (req)

      • send when committing messages in a transacted session



    • ack delivery (req/resp)

    • cancel delivery (req)

    • ack deliveries (req)

    • cancel deliveries (req)

    • recover deliveries (req)

    • create consumer delegate (req/resp)

    • create browser delegate (req/resp)

    • create queue (req/resp)

    • create topic (req/resp)

    • add temporary destination (req)

    • delete temporary destination (req)

    • unsubscribe (req)

    • send (req)

      • used when a producer sends a JMS message



    • change rate (req)

      • used to change the rate at which the server should send JMS messages to the consumer

    • client delivery (callback)

      • sent by the server to the client to deliver a JMS message



    • has next message (req/resp)

    • next message (req/resp)

    • next message block (req/resp)

      • fetch a block of messages from the queue (stored in a cache)



    • close (req)

    • closing (req/resp)